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  • Democracy Honeybee-style.  On Island Features Page.
  • Hurricane debris removal still underway on Hatteras, Ocracoke.  On Local News Page.
  • Public can observe sea turtle nest excavations this summer...On Community News and Commentary Page under Event Planner.
  • EDITOR'S BLOG:  The best new thing on Hatteras Island. On Shooting the Breeze above.
  • Island Music: A front man, side man, Lou Castro does it all in Ocracoke’s music scene. On Island Features Page.
  • NEW CHURCH LISTINGS PAGE...On Community News and Commentary Page under Church Listings at the top of the Page on the blue bar.
  • Pea Island Refuge is a hub of Highway 12 activity this summer. On Local News Page.
  • NPS Weekly Resource Management and Weekly Table of Miles Open/Closed Reports...On Beach Access and Park Issues Page at top of page.
  • Reflections on the 'Thunder Moon'. On Island Features page.
  • Chicamacomico’s 2014 “season-long” vacation house raffle is underway...On Community News and Commentary Page under Event Planner.
  • Outer Banks Angling: The summer doldrums. On Fishing Page.
  • Turner's High Moon Bar is now open in Avon...On Community News and Commentary Page under News and Business Briefs.
  • Homeowners insurance rate hearing is rescheduled.  On Real Estate and Business Page.
  • Outer Banks not included in critical habitat for loggerheads...On Beach Access and Park Issues Page.
  • UPDATE: Nourishment project gets underway as beachgoers watch. On Local News Page.

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NEW....07.23.2014 10:25 am  NPS Weekly Resource Management and Weekly Table of Miles Open/Closed Reports
NEW....07.18.2014 4:30 pm Outer Banks not included in critical habitat for loggerheads
Resources update: Tern chicks and one oystercatcher chick keep Point closed 07.16.2014 4:40 pm
UPDATE: Bipartisan sportsmen's bill suffers serious setback in Senate 07.10.2014 5:30 pm
Burr offers amendment to Sportsmen's Act to ensure beach access 07.08.2014 3:50 pm
Kym Hall named acting superintendent of Outer Banks Group 07.09.2014 9:30 am
UPDATE: Park Service closes more beach in north Avon for tern breeding activity 06.27.2014 4:00 pm
UPDATE: Park Service modifies buffer for nesting terns in north Avon 06.25.2014 6:00 pm
Least tern nest closes oceanfront in north Avon 06.24.2014 2:40 pm
Superintendent backs away from dredged sand at Cape Lookout 06.26.2014 3:00 pm
Ramp 44 reopens to ORV access 06.24.2014 3:05 pm
Unmanned aircraft to be prohibited in America’s national parks 06.23.2014 3:30 pm
Boyle rules against CHAPA in lawsuit to stop ORV rule 06.20.2014 6:30 pm
Cape Hatteras Lighthouse exterior paint project completed 06.12.2014 3:15 pm
Seashore is participating in monofilament recycling program 06.12.2014 2:15 pm
EDITOR'S BLOG:  Trimble will be leaving his job as superintendent after fewer than two years 05.30.2014 5:30 pm
Ramp 43 reopens to ORV and pedestrian access 05.29.2014 1:20 pm
Cape Hatteras National Seashore Offers Lifeguard Services for 2014 Season 05.17.2014 10:25 am
Ocracoke’s chief lifeguard is among the NPS employees recognized for valor 05.12.2014 4:50 pm
NPS chooses new deputy superintendent for Outer Banks Group 05.05.2014 2:15 pm
Who owns Bodie Island spit? 04.29.2014 5:00 pm
Circle of stones at old lighthouse site are being uncovered and prepared for a move 04.11.2014 2:15 pm
Bodie Island and Cape Hatteras lighthouses to open on April 18 04.02.2014 3:40 pm
Cape Point closes to ORV access 04.02.2014 2:30 pm
Park Service releases annual resource management reports for 2013 02.19.2014 1235 pm

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NEW....07.28.2014 2:10 am Hurricane debris removal still underway on Hatteras, Ocracoke
07.24.2014 11:00 am Pea Island Refuge is a hub of Highway 12 activity this summer
07.17.2014 5:00 pm UPDATE: Nourishment project gets underway as beachgoers watch
Contract awarded for beach nourishment work on Highway 12 near Rodanthe 07.09.2014 10:30 am
Help with storm clean-up and repairs now available 07.09.2014 4:30 pm
Hurricane Arthur:  Lost and Found 07.09.2014 4:15 pm
Hyde commissioners say voluntary evacuation maybe wasn't the best action 07.09.2014 4:00 pm
Storm debris pickup scheduled for unincorporated Dare County  07.08.2014 1:15 pm
Tri-villages struggle to get Arthur's mess cleaned up, even as visitors return...WITH SLIDE SHOW  07.07.2014 3:00 pm
Dare estimates $1.6 million in damage on Hatteras 07.07.2014 2:30 pm
UPDATE: The summer season is back in full swing 07.06.2014 2:30 pm
Hatteras Island finally gets its July 4 fireworks show....WITH SLIDE SHOW 07.08.2014 3:05 pm
DOT's new plan for funding projects makes it hard for rural areas to compete 06.30.2014 4:00 pm
UPDATE: Test runs reveal that ferry channel is still unsafe 06.25.2014 1:30 pm
Visitor from Virginia dies in collapse of hole dug in sand 06.24.2014 3:00 pm
UPDATE:  Community reaches out to family that lost home 06.23.2014 1:30 pm
Fire damages house in Buxton, starts brush fires...WITH VIDEO AND SLIDE SHOW 06.19.2014 7:20 pm
Ferry tolls still on the table as Senate and House negotiate differing versions of state budget 06.16.2014 7:00 pm
NOAA presents alternatives for expansion of Monitor Marine Sanctuary 06.06.2014 5:35 pm
Federal appeals court hears oral arguments in Bonner Bridge lawsuit 05.13.2014 9:45 pm

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Community News
The Event Planner...UPDATED 07.28.2014
News and Business Briefs
...UPDATED 07.21.2014
Church Listings ...UPDATED 07.24.2014
Crime Reports from Dare Sheriff’s Office ...UPDATED 07.08.2014
Free Classified Ads ...UPDATED 07.28.2014
Obituaries ...UPDATED 07.28.2014

Commentary & Guest Columns
Guest Column: More reasons to turn down concrete plant’s request for a permit 05.28.2014 4:30 pm
Guest Column: The county commissioners CAN just say ‘no’ to concrete plant in Waves 05.15.2014 10:30 am
Guest Column:  Protecting what remains of separation of powers 03.13.2014 4:15 pm
Guest Column: Humans are part of nature, too! 02.12.2014 4:40 pm
Guest Column:  Stop obstructing the Bonner Bridge replacement  01.02.2014 5:00 pm

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NEW....07.28.2014 3:00 pm  Democracy Honeybee-style
07.24.2014 4:50 pm Island Music: A front man, side man, Lou Castro does it all in Ocracoke’s music scene
07.22.2014 11:30 am Reflections on the 'Thunder Moon'
In his first novel, local author brings a bygone era to life 07.16.2014 2:50 pm
Looking Back: Ocracoke’s Historic Community Square 07.15.2014 3:20 pm
Outer Banks plastic bag ban turns 5 06.30.2014 10:00 am
Island History: 94-year-old Blanche Joliff remembers her childhood on Ocracoke 06.17.2014 10:10 am
Coastal Sketch: Ernie Foster, Hatteras Island waterman 06.11.2014 9:00 am
Our Coast's Food: Soft-Shell Crabs 06.09.2014 5:00 pm
‘Tale of Blackbeard’ play is being revived for the summer on Ocracoke…WITH SLIDE SHOW 05.30.2014 1:30 pm
Remembering the British sailors killed in the 1942 Battle of the Atlantic…WITH SLIDE SHOW  05.12.2014 4:30 pm
History teacher on a Harley comes to Ocracoke for a TV lesson on Blackbeard 05.08.2014 4:00 pm
Hatteras Storytelling Festival is another winner 05.07.2014 12:00 pm
Protecting birds from death by collision with windows 04.29.2014 11:45 am
Dumpster Diving on Ocracoke:  Reusing and Recycling 04.15.2014 11:00 am
New monument on Bodie Island honors the amazing work of early surveyors and mappers 04.11.2014 7:00 pm
We all scream…for oyster ice cream? 04.03.2014 3:15 pm
Brown algae is closing in on N.C. waters from the south and the north 03.31.2014 11:00 am
The coming of spring to our coast 03.20.2014 11:40 am
Island Living: A ‘locust’ homecoming -- or how a former local wound up being a real jerk of a tourist 02.27.2014 10:45 am
Tourists flock to Ocracoke to see snowy owls, bringing mini-tourist boom.…WITH SLIDE SHOW 02.17.2014 4:25 pm
Hatteras native turns her childhood memories into a series of books for young and old 02.05.2014 2:15 pm
Has Hatteras islander found a significant Civil War-era fort in Waves?
12.26.2013 3:15 pm

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NEW....07.21.2014 3:30 pm Outer Banks Angling: The summer doldrums
Outer Banks Angling: Summer time....WITH VIDEO
06.25.2014 5:45 pm
NCBBA's Red Drum Tournament is Oct 22-25
06.17.2014 11:15 am
Outer Banks Angling: Almost there 06.04.2014 3:40 pm
2013 commercial and recreational fish and shellfish harvests released 05.20.2014 1:45 pm
Outer Banks An gling: Get to the Point 05.15.2014 3:15 pm
Ridge Anglers of Kitty Hawk take first place in Ocracoke tournament…WITH SLIDE SHOW  05.05.2014 4:15 pm
20th annual Hatteras Village Offshore Open is May 13-17 05.01.2014 10:50 am
Outer Banks Angling: May it be?....WITH VIDEO 04.30.2014 3:50 pm
State certifies new state record jack crevalle 04.23.2014 3:45 pm
Outer Banks Angling: Spring into action 04.07.2014 4:30 pm
Outer Banks Angling: Monsters 03.12.2014 4:50 pm
Marine Fisheries Commission tackles observer program funding, spotted seatrout, shrimp issues 02.25.2014 5:05 pm
The very best guide to charter fishing on the islands….WITH SLIDE SHOW 04.21.2011 12:10 pm

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NEW....07.18.2014 4:40 pm Homeowners insurance rate hearing is rescheduled
Hatteras Island Real Estate: Answers to frequently asked questions
06.23.2014 10:45 am
Restoration Projects: A bang for the oyster buck 06.20.2014 10:50 am
Resort Realty acquires Hatteras Island vacation rental division of Colony Realty  05.13.2014 4:15 pm
Cape Hatteras KOA grand reopening will be May 1-4 04.28.2014 5:25 pm
Hatteras Island Real Estate: National Flood Insurance Program update  04.14.2014 4:30 pm
Ocracoke Observer is under new ownership 03.27.2014 11:50 am
Bill awaiting President’s signature will help with onerous increases in flood insurance 03.20.2014 5:15 pm
Koru Village purchases Avon Pier property 02.26.2014 5:50 pm
Insurance Department orders hearing on homeowners’ rate hike request 02.20.2014 5:00 pm

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Island Wedding Stories: New Jersey couple are wed on Hatteras beach
Something old, something new, something green 

Island Living: Getting married Hatteras-style 
Island Wedding Stories: Danielle Smith and Jonathan Burruss are wed in Avon…WITH SLIDE SHOW
Dare County officials have been busy issuing marriage licenses  

A classic Hatteras wedding with a surprise guest...WITH SLIDE SHOW  
Wedding planners advise Island brides to have a weather plan

Tying the knot for Hatteras bridal couples is a labor of love for local minister
Destination wedding basics: 12 must-read destination wedding tips 
Island Weddings:  Planning a ceremony at the beach
Destination Wedding Information

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