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  • EDITOR'S BLOG: Tying up loose ends:  Updates from Hatteras Island villages...On Shooting the Breeze above.
  • Woodard would accept board chairmanship, says TowneBank not a factor...On Local News Page.
  • Letters to Santa return to Ocracoke after 50 years...On Christmas on the Islands Page.
  • Arts & Craft Guild Holiday Show is Nov. 28-29...On Christmas on the Islands Page.
  • SHERIFF’S BLOTTER - October 1-November 15....On Community News and Commentary Page under Crime Reports from Dare Sheriff’s Office.
  • Cape Hatteras Motel owners file tort claim against NCDOT...On Local News Page.
  • UPDATE: Cape Point now open for night driving...On Beach Access and Park Issues Page.
  • Dispute leaves Oregon Inlet Fishing Center lease up in the air...On Fishing Page.
  • Rumors of Bonner Bridge closure shot down, as negotiations continue...On Local News Page.
  • Christmas events planned for Ocracoke...On Christmas on the Islands Page.
  • CHSS Drama Club will present 'A Place Called Christmas'...On Christmas on the Islands Page.
  • UPDATE: No cause for Outer Beaches fire has been identified yet...On Local News Page.
  • UPDATE: Lee Robinson General Store is back in business...On Local News Page.
  • Santa will visit Chicamacomico on Nov. 28...On Christmas on the Islands Page.
  • Fire damages Lee Robinson General Store....WITH SLIDE SHOW...On Local News Page.

Hatteras And Ocracoke Holiday Features And Events

11.26.2014 5:10 pm Letters to Santa return to Ocracoke after 50 years
11.26.2014 9:30 am Arts & Craft Guild Holiday Show is Nov. 28-29
11.25.2014 10:00 am Christmas events planned for Ocracoke
11.25.2014 9:15 am CHSS Drama Club will present 'A Place Called Christmas':
11.24.2014 12:15 pm Santa will visit Chicamacomico on Nov. 28
UMC Combined Choir will present Christmas cantata 11.19.2014 12:15 pm
A guide to dining out during the holidays 11.18.2014 10:20 am
Thanksgiving on the Islands: An ode to meat and football 11.18.2014 8:30 am
Have breakfast with Santa on Dec. 6 11.17.2014 1:20 pm
Thanksgiving Bake Sale planned for Nov. 25 11.17.2014 1:20 pm
Surf or Sound Realty collecting food pantry donations 11.13.2014 1:50 pm
The annual Holiday at the Museum will be on Dec. 13 11.13.2014 1:45 pm
Oyster Dressing: A coastal tradition for the holidays 11.12.2014 11:25 am
Toys for Tots pie sale will be Nov. 26 11.05.2014 4:45 pm
Hatteras Village Christmas Parade will be Dec. 13....WITH SLIDE SHOW FROM 2013 11.03.2014 1:10 pm
Hatteras Island Food Drive is now underway 11.03.2014 1:10 pm

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NEW....11.25.2014 2:25 pm UPDATE: Cape Point now open for night driving
UPDATE: Cape Point could open to night driving next week 11.20.2014 5:05 pm
Park Service names new superintendent of Cape Hatteras National Seashore 11.13.2014 5:20 pm
UPDATE:  Turtle nest still not hatched, Point remains closed to night driving 11.12.2014 3:45 pm
ark Service wants public comments on proposed fee increases 11.11.2014 11:10 am
UPDATE: Cape Point remains closed to night driving 11.03.2014 3:20 pm
eashore's seasonal ORV routes reopen Nov. 1 10.28.2014 3:30 pm
Night driving on ORV routes reopens on Sept. 15 09.11.2014 3:45 pm
Acting superintendent talks about seashore issues on 'To the Point' radio show...WITH AUDIO 09.08.2014 4:30 pm
Newly constructed ORV Ramp 25 to open on Sept. 11 09.03.2014 1:25 pm
It makes Turtle Sense:  Giving cell phones to turtles 08.21.2014 2:50 pm
Boyle rules against CHAPA in lawsuit to stop ORV rule 06.20.2014 6:30 pm
Who owns Bodie Island spit? 04.29.2014 5:00 pm
Circle of stones at old lighthouse site are being uncovered and prepared for a move 04.11.2014 2:15 pm
Park Service releases annual resource management reports for 2013 02.19.2014 1235 pm

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NEW....11.28.2014 4:00 pm Woodard would accept board chairmanship, says TowneBank not a factor
11.25.2014 5:00 pm Cape Hatteras Motel owners file tort claim against NCDOT
11.25.2014 10:40 am  Rumors of Bonner Bridge closure shot down, as negotiations continue
11.24.2014 6:30 pm  UPDATE: No cause for Outer Beaches fire has been identified yet
Outer Beaches Avon office extensively damaged by fire 11.18.2014 3:40 pm
NEW....11.24.2014 4:25 pm UPDATE:  Lee Robinson General Store is back in business
11.23.2014 5:50 pm Fire damages Lee Robinson General Store....WITH SLIDE SHOW
UPDATE: Recount confirms Boswell win in Commissioner race 11.20.2014 4:50 pm
UPDATE: Republicans take another commissioner seat in voting canvass 11.14.2014 1:30 pm
UPDATE:  Dare and Hyde election results by precinct 11.05.2014 4:10 pm
Republicans sweep Dare County 11.05.2014 12:10 am
Democrats buck the statewide trend in Hyde County 11.05.2014 10:00 am
House-moving day on Ocracoke....WITH SLIDE SHOW  11.19.2014 4:30 pm
Going Public: Rodanthe beach access nears completion 11.19.2014 1:50 pm
Ferry crew is honored for its heroism 11.19.2014 12:50 pm
NCDOT says privatizing some road work will improve service on Hatteras, Ocracoke 11.18.2014 5:30 pm
New Inlet sound access on Pea Island Refuge reopens to public 11.10.2014 9:00 am
UPDATE: Elevating Highway 12 at temporary Pea Island bridge is underway 11.10.2014 2:45 pm
DOT plans to raise road at temporary bridge and build a berm 11.03.2014 5:00 pm
Cape Hatteras students honor island veterans...WITH SLIDE SHOW 11.06.2014 4:20 pm
Hatteras-Ocracoke route switches to winter schedule 11.06.2014 3:30 pm

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Community News
The Event Planner...UPDATED 11.10.2014
News and Business Briefs
...UPDATED 11.11.2014
Church Listings ...UPDATED 07.24.2014
Crime Reports from Dare Sheriff’s Office ...UPDATED 11.25.2014
Free Classified Ads ...UPDATED 11.17.2014
Obituaries ...UPDATED 11.25.2014

Commentary & Guest Columns
You didn't ask for it, but here's free advice for the new board 11.07.2014 2:30 pm
Second opinion on Nags Head nourishment would shore up public confidence 10.15.2014  11:35 am
Guest Column: Evacuation Vacation 08.18.2014 3:00 pm
Guest Column: Houston, we have a problem! 08.11.2014 3:15 pm

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Hatteras Community Emergency Response Team is topic of radio show...WITH AUDIO 11.18.2014 11:00 am
Archaeologists to investigate possible site of Civil War fort this week 11.17.2014 4:30 pm
Earl O'Neal continues to chronicle Ocracoke's history 11.11.2014 12:50 pm
Author-historian Kevin Duffus talks about lighthouses and pirates on 'To the Point'...WITH AUDIO 11.05.2014 12:50 pm
The day that East met West in Hatteras village....WITH SLIDE SHOW AND VIDEO 11.05.2014 10:20 am
Hatteras Island's out-of-this-world tourist attraction 10.29.2014 4:50 pm
Old oil test well at Hatteras lighthouse draws state's attention 10.09.2014 3:30 pm
What's all the noise over Seismic Survey? 09.16.2014 3:25 pm
Island Living: Guilty Pleasures 08.05.2014 5:00 pm
In his first novel, local author brings a bygone era to life 07.16.2014 2:50 pm
Hatteras native turns her childhood memories into a series of books for young and old 02.05.2014 2:15 pm

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NEW....11.25.2014 1:40 pm Dispute leaves Oregon Inlet Fishing Center lease up in the air
Outer Banks Angling: Deep Freeze 11.21.2014 9:50 am
Weather And Fish Cooperated In 57th Annual Anglers Club Tournament...WITH SLIDE SHOW 11.10.2014 2:10 pm
Outer Banks Angling: The drum keeps on beating...WITH VIDEO 11.06.2014 4:45 pm
State certifies new skipjack tuna record caught south of Hatteras Inlet 11.03.2014 3:00 pm
52-inch red drum takes first in annual NCBBA tournament...WITH SLIDE SHOW 10.27.2014 3:30 pm
An optimistic outlook for oyster season 10.21.2014 11:00 am
Jeff Oden talks about the pressures on commercial fishermen on 'To the Point' 10.20.2014 5:10 pm
Outer Banks Angling: Catch them while you can 10.20.2014 4:35 pm
Lawsuit would force agencies to manage recreational turtle bycatch 08.06.2014 10:50 am
2013 commercial and recreational fish and shellfish harvests released 05.20.2014 1:45 pm
The very best guide to charter fishing on the islands….WITH SLIDE SHOW 04.21.2011 12:10 pm

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Hatteras Island Real Estate:  A statistical profile of the island 11.20.2014 4:35 pm
Hatteras Island Real Estate: Assessed values vs. selling prices 10.03.2014 1:55 pm
Hatteras Island Real Estate: Property management 09.04.2014 3:45 pm
Hatteras Island Real Estate:  The rising sea level debate 07.28.2014 4:00 pm

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Something old, something new, something green 
Island Living: Getting married Hatteras-style 
Wedding planners advise Island brides to have a weather plan
Tying the knot for Hatteras bridal couples is a labor of love for local minister
Destination wedding basics: 12 must-read destination wedding tips 
Island Weddings:  Planning a ceremony at the beach

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